Student Life

Student Life at Zombie University is a bit unique from other campuses across the land. Here we try to find a good balance of activites for both the living and the dead. We at ZU understand that learning takes places in all places and we encourage these opportunites for our students. Over the years we have developed many ways for them to learn outside of the classroom and many exciting and entertaining ways.

We also know that sometimes you just have to get out and play. On campus we have a multitude of activities to partake in. Listed below are some of the more popular activities that our student body have come to enjoy over the years.

 Metro Cinema  Newly refurbished! Pay $5.00 for your movie ticket, sit back and order from our extensive menu, we’ll bring your food to you so you can watch a movie while you eat dinner!

 The Cow Cafe’  Come on in any time of day or night, we are open 24/7 and serve such delights as Moocha Mocha Latte, El Toro Beef Sandwhich, Udder Cannolis, and the tried and true coffees available in Calf, 1/2 Calf, and De-Calf!

 Crystal Lake  During those hot summer Dawns, Days, and Nights we love to see our student body taking a dip in the campus lake. We have other smaller bodies of water that are great to swim in, but this lake is the only one where we have a life-guard on duty 24/7. Just don’t frollic too much when you see him as he has a very low tolerance for inappropriate conduct. During the winter months the lake freezes over and can be used as a large skating rink.

 W-ZMR Radio  Sit back and enjoy the ramblings of our Vicar de Mortii, Brian Hardin II, as he talks about anything and everything under the sun. You can usually expect to hear new tunes from up and coming musicians, as well as interviews with some of our Faculty. He has even been known to bring a student or two into the booth to chat up current events going on on campus.

 66.6 URDeath Radio  Here at Zombie University we even have a zombie run radio station. Run by Professor of Broadcasting, Hatch “Um Up” Tarr, this is the radio station that sends the vibes across campus. Tune in daily for all of your undead favorite hits!

 Midnight Munchees  Get that late night craving for something gray and squishy? Head on over to the University Center and grab a full menu’s worth of Good Eats! The UC is open 7 days a week from 7 AM to 7 PM and again from 11:45 PM to 1:15 AM.

 Moonlight Bowling  Gotta get your practice in to get a-head of the game? Join us each Friday night at Midnight for Moonlight Bowling next to the University Center.

Fun Zombie Run What a better way for our students, both living and dead alike, to stay in shape than to have a Fun Zombie Run. Every 2nd Monday of the month we sponsor a Run for Fun. Our zombie students will line up behind our living students and at the sound of the gun, everyone takes off onto the jogging trail for a 5 mile run.

Halloween Brain Bash At Zombie University the entire month of October is considered Halloween. All classes shut down for the month and the entire campus is transformed into a Horrific Hunting ground of fun and games. W-ZMR turns up the music campus wide and on the east side of Voodoo Village a massive 31 day bonfire is lit and fueled for the entire month. This is truly a large scale event not to be missed. We have everything from True Blood flavored Cotton Candy to Bobbing for Brains. Even the jogging trail is transformed into a Spooky Haunted Walk. Moonlight Bowling is transformed into Pumpkin Bowling. During the entire 31 day party Faculty and Staff will also hide small plastic pumpkins (think Easter Eggs) for students to find, when tallied up at 11:00 PM on October 31st the student with the most wins a special trip for 4 to Monster Island.

Spring Carnival of Mayhem As if our Halloween Brain Bash was not enough of a party for you, we also hold a Spring Carnival for our students at the end of the semester, just before summer break. We bring out the grills, round up some rotten candy, and plug in the mechanical brain. Yep, the Mechanical Brain, just like a mechanical bull, but it’s a brain!