Vampires Learn the Hard Way, Zombie University has Great Sunrises

Those that stayed to watch our Zombie University Manglers play the Vampire Academy Fangs in a ZFL football skirmish on Wednesday evening saw the game go into an octuple overtime, the first time in our University’s history, with the Manglers gaining a win due to a major technicality.. a beautiful sunrise!

With the score holding steady 38 to 38 at the close of the 4th quarter, the refs demanded overtime.  No team was able to best the other so an additional overtime was sanctioned.  Repeat that process 7 more times and by 7:03 AM, that bright sunlight started to shine down, eliminating the Fangs until there was really no competition left on field, allowing the ZU Manglers to make that winning touchdown!

When asked about the win, Coach Browlan offered up, “Yes, we tried to close the dome but it appears that some young vamps from Vampire Academy pulled a prank and tied the gears in such a way that we couldn’t.  They had planned on keeping it open to allow their bats to swoop in to harass the crowd, only they didn’t realize that we installed four towers that emit radio frequency radiation a month ago which may have provided an aversive behavioural response and caused their bats to return home.”

“Exploding body parts were everywhere, it was a mess.” Jorges stated, “We anticipate that in addition to the team, roughly 60 students were also exposed to the sunrise.”

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