How Was Your Semester?

Mrs. Green (the Mean Machine) wants to know how your semester went.  She also cites that she has an Holiday break assignment that is mandatory for all students taking her Intro to Cavern Dwelling course.

In essence the focus of the first semester class is on how to live in a cave system (perfect for those C.H.U.D.s and other cryptozoids) and effectively hunt while slowing your metabolism (since food is so scarce in a cave system).  She offers up a suggestion to initially dwelling near an opening so that food won’t be as scarce.  Regardless, the assignment..

Mrs Green is asking that all students bring in a 1 pound rock from the cavern they are choosing to inhabit so that the students can derive the various material composition.  “Through the use of chemistry and mathematics, we will determine if that cavern is a viable place for the student to dwell.  Expect the second semester to be hard.  Know your numbers and study your chemistry.” Mrs Green stated.

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